Power PBs and washing machines

Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review
Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review

Let no-one say I don’t do great titles! The rest of what I write might be rubbish but at least I start out good!

The highs and lows of a great weekend

1. After Saturday’s 12k and subsequent swim, started to empty the washing machine to spot a HRM strap. My heart sank as I’d been using my rather expensive HRM-TRI in the pool. Relief! as I discovered it was my early morning HRV-recording Polar H7. Phew! (And the Polar still works so a double bonus). Also a random mains shaving adapter had found its way into the washing too. I tumble dried my super Feetures running socks…which was probably not a good idea.

2. Managed to get a 3ish minute power PB going up some random hill in Surrey. The great thing with www.goldencheetah.org ‘s software, other than being free, is that their CP plot shows where your current ride’s power improves your CP-plot. Nice. And I reckon that ability is a great motivational tool to try to crank out some power-PBs at other power-durations. (Or I could train properly, but that’s far less fun)

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7 thoughts on “Power PBs and washing machines

  1. garmin says not to use the hrm-tri in the pool due to the chlorine.

    My personal thoughts is the hrm tri wouldn’t stay in place well especially after kicking off the wall.

    I have both btw – HRM TRi & HRM SWIM. If i had to do it all over again I would just get the hrm swim. The running dynamics arent that useful yet for me.

    1. I always listen to what garmin have to say…then do my own thing 😉 I give it a good wash afterwards (in the washing machine 🙂 )

      It’s ok in the pool actually..i was pleasantly suprised. noticeably better than a regular HRM in terms of slippage. It’s not quite perfect as I have to temper my push of a little but its fine for my once or twice a month usage. I got it fopr lake usage really when I will use it 100% of the time especially now that sporttracks have deciphered the changes to the ANT spec

      1. hah nice – not warm enough for lakes here if there were lakes around here in los angeles 🙁

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