My perfect valentine’s present? Errr no.

So humanity seems to have evolved to the point where we have YET ANOTHER day where we have to buy someone some stuff because we can’t be bothered to spend some time with them. Sigh.

No doubt 2020 will see the emergence of Happy Athlete Day or Happy parkrun day or something equally as consumeristic (yes, it’s a word before you ask).

Nice gif. Ugly band.

Anyway. What would be my perfect Valentine present to receive?

Well if you read my review (ette)/thoughts on the Garmin Vivosmart HR then you would know that I would hope that it came with either a: the receipt OR b: divorce papers.

If my loved one bought me a Garmin Edge 520 or pre-ordered a WAHOO ELEMNT then I’d be happy as it would save me buying one as I actually could do with one right now.

If the aforesaid nearest and dearest REALLY knew me, s/he would probably treat me to a little WKO4. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a little like WD40 but for cycling. For those of you who don’t know what WD40 is then google it. Actually I’m going to write something about that later today if I remember, WK04 that is. NOT WD40.

Anyway if I have entertained you then please buy something using one of the links below. You can send whatever you buy to your nearest and dearest…I’d rather have the tiny bit of commission that goes with it so that I can buy some food this week, I’m hungry (again, joking. sigh x2). eesh.


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