Garmin Connect Security NOT Breached Just Improved (soon)

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Just to be clear (below). Garmin are saying that there have NOT been any data breaches. That’s because their apps are secure.

They’ve never mentioned security to us before. But they’re only mentioning security now because they are improving it. But NOT because there has been a breach.

The fact that there has NOT been a breach presumably isn’t related to new improvements (that haven’t been made yet) that will make a future breach even less likely. Of course, as Garmin say, data security has always been important to them and now data security will be EVEN more secure than the previous levels of unbreached security

So. The unbreached security will soon, but not yet, be EVEN more unbreachable.

Good. I’m reassured.

Actually I was thinking about this while running yesterday (Yes I really am that sad). All someone has to do is get hold of our ID and passwords from some other LESS secure site and then use the same one for Garmin Connect. That should get 50% of you and then the bike thief can soon find where you live as your bike routes all start from home.

But ALMOST none of the sports data providers do this. Personally I would like them all to at least:

  1. Introduce a STRAVA-like GPS mask N kms around your home zip/postcode
  2. Notify the user of any logins from new devices.

I’m still reassured though. Honest. Maybe.

And that announcement was after yesterday’s glorification of Garmin products to support deer killing in the USA. Great news for gun-toting Nth amendment-loving Americans but we British like our animals alive (or at least not recognisable on a Waitrose food counter) especially the furry, cuddly deer/horse/dog/fox/cat/whale/dolphin kind – we think it’s generally OK to be mean to ugly animals BTW (eg fish, Nemo EXCLUDED). And it’s also OK for Brits to be really mean to pseudo rich humans who kill aforesaid animals (well, foxes in particular). I should put a picture of a cat doing something cute here but that would lower the whole tone. So I won’t.

Please tweet me other posts that successfully link data security in sports products with cuddly animals. I’ll give them a prize.


Go Garmin !



Statement On Garmin Connect Mobile Security

4 February 2016 @ 8:44 AM  / Company News / Garmin Connect / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

The security of our users’ data is extremely important to us. We continually work on making improvements to our software and devices, and we are committed to responding quickly to identified issues. We are working diligently to provide an updated version of Garmin Connect Mobile with enhanced data encryption. These updates for Android, iPhone, and Windows applications are expected to be complete and available for download by next week at the latest. We are not aware of any security incidents related to this issue.

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    1. well, i’m sure everything is breachABLE. But is hasn’t been breached and will soon be far less likely to be breached. Not that it was a problem anyway (because it hasn’t been breached).

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