TomTom – Reports big 2015 sales growth for GPS watches

TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music - Pairing Headphones
TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music – Pairing Headphones

TomTom is a Eur1billion sales company operating with about 50% gross margin. Total GPS sports watch sales for the 2015 were 600,000 units up from 500,000 the previous year (+20%).

That’s quite a lot of watches.

Sales comprised both the new TomTom Spark/Runner2, released in the autumn, and earlier models. Higher sales also probably reflecting clearing out old stock of the earlier multisport/cardio/runner ranges. The older stock was widely sold at good prices in summer 2015. Figures presumably exclude Bandit action camera sales.

I’ve no idea what TomTom sells it’s average sportswatch at to retailers. Let’s say it’s Eur50. That still means their GPS sportswatch revenue was, a probably under-estimated, Eur3,000,000. The point of coming at that figure was to show that it is a significant part of their business and hopefully one that they continue to expand.

Let’s see.

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2 thoughts on “TomTom – Reports big 2015 sales growth for GPS watches

  1. interesting numbers, would be even more interesting to see how many units Garmin, Polar or Suunto moves per quarter, I tried to investigate this for Garmin and Suunto but did not come through in their financial publication (they don’t disclose down to device level in Suunto Case even ore complictaed due only the mother company Amer Sports publish financial reports that has much more division besides Suunto)

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