Interesting: ROKA R1 Goggles

Interesting new Goggles from ROKA c$35. They have special optics to enable sighting.

ROKA R1 Goggle

Source: ROKA, clicks through to their site

This gives you a bit more of an idea.

I need some new goggles. I always seem to buy Predator Flex which always leak and never seem to last very long. Maybe it’s just me?

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Curious to know if you purchased these goggles, and if so how you getting on with them?

Race Leader

nope. no purchase. but they do look novel/useful. they’d probably dow hat they say on the tin but I guess you never know until you try. I’ve not seen ay in retail outlets to try on either.

sorry I was no help whatsoever !!


Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah, Roka seem pretty tight about who they let sell their products. I know they are pricey, but tempted to give them a bash.