Garmin News: New SOS Features coming soon (well, eventually F3? F4)

Fenix3HR2_Linedup1Garmin very recently acquired DeLorme.

DeLorme are big in the Marine sector. In a statement, Garmin said it was most interested in DeLorme’s inReach products. Those are GPS devices on which users can send and receive text messages and trigger an SOS, using satellite connections.

So these new SOS capabilities are now ‘in the Garmin fold’. It’s very likely these will be incorporated into Garmin’s marine products but possibly also sports, outdoor, automotive and aviation.

So it looks like your Tactix and F3 (well, F4) might have some sort of GPS based SOS system…one day…perhaps…maybe.

Some DeLorme info:

“inReach has been hailed as a must-have tool for backcountry excursions thanks to its GPS tracking feature, 100% global coverage through Iridium, and the integrated SOS button linking users with 24/7/365 emergency response services through GEOS. We designed it to keep you safe where cellphones dare not go, and that is its core function. But why stop there? When you can send AND receive text messages anywhere on the planet, the applications for that functionality become endless. Case in point: international travel.

“If you’ve ever taken a cell phone overseas and didn’t bump up to an international plan, you likely are still feeling the pain in your wallet from paying roaming charges. Even if you consider paying for an international plan, the high cost can deter most people from bringing any form of communication on their trip. We certainly don’t recommend this, as itineraries often change and not having a reliable form of communication can mean trouble for even the savviest of travelers.

Global Coverage

“inReach uses the Iridium satellite network to send and receive data in the form of track points, text messages, emails and social media posts. Iridium’s impressive constellation of 66 satellites is the furthest-reaching mobile satellite communications network in the world – meaning if you can see the sky, you can send and receive messages. So not only can you post to Facebook from the beach in Fiji without having to seek out an internet connection, you can email your coworkers and let them know you decided to stay an extra week. Well played.

With a slew of subscription options – starting at just $11.95 per month – inReach is an affordable alternative to expensive international cellular plans – and much more reliable.”


Garmin is known for its GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications. The company is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and has principal subsidiaries in the U.S., Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Switzerland? Who are based there…Starbucks, Google, Amazon-type companies. Why’s that then?

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