polarv850.com and Major Polar V800 bug


Source: Endre-Grüner-Ofstad: Polar’s MAJOR V800 bug 🙂

Thanks to Andre for that! (Well I thought it was good/clever/funny)

On to the more serious speculative stuff.

You might want to prove to yourself that www.polarv800.com goes to where you would expect it to. And then maybe also try www.polarv850.com and even www.polarv900.com. Owned by a Finnish Company (presumably Polar) and pointing to their site. (www.polarm400.com works too but www.polarM450.com www.polarM500.com seem to have been pre-emptively bought by someone else)

Of course Polar could have just bought the V850 site to stop someone else buying it. Or bought it ‘on the off-chance they develop a new V800 at some point in the future’. Hmmm.

Just a scintilla of evidence supporting a new and improved V800 this year. Maybe. Perhaps. Hopefully. You never know. PLEASE.



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15 thoughts on “polarv850.com and Major Polar V800 bug

  1. I went into this at http://gpsrumors.com/polar-v800-next a while ago. Unfortunately this shows how much better at secrets Polar are than Garmin. With Garmin we can do a simple image search of their site and often find the new toys early. This is because they are not only on the same site and domain but also on the same servers behind the same load balancer (or just a server maybe). Polar, on the other hand, put v650 and v800 on a different provider with different IP with different DNS provider. This, I suspect is either because they are secret agent geniuses who know how to hide stuff, or because they completely outsourced the marketing of the gadgets prior to launch. We probably all remember that v800 wasn’t even on the Polar.com site for a while after official launch, and this theory backs that up.
    Where does that leave us now? Guessing. If that’s the case then we will get literally no clues other than eagle eyed watching of athlete wrists. Or watching DCRainmaker’s postman like a hawk!

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