New Garmin Sling – parody

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Source: (clickable to site)

Latest news from Garmin is their release of the runner’s digi-sling.

This hi-tec gadget minimises wind drag over the runner with MITI Dimple Dry Aero Fabric whilst simultaneously holding the Garmin Running Watch (Forerunner compatible) in the optimal viewing position for the runner.

The white glove has a built in movement sensor that enables the runner to scroll through all the various screen of data with only a slight movement of the thumb.

The shoulder strap subtly changes the runner’s neck position to minimise the required head movement on the occasions where the head needs to be facing forwards.

OK I was prompted to put this up as I read a part-critical review from someone else about the Epson SF-810 (new one due soon hopefully) saying that it was a good quality, accurate watch but had too few extra bits of data. C’MON it can say what your HR is and speed and a few other bits and it has numerous great things about it (mostly accurate optical HR for example).. IT IS A PURE RUNNING WATCH. A PROPER RUNNING WATCH. Obviously it has neither the price tag nor the features of the Garmin 630.

I think, but I could be wrong, that the idea is to RUN not LOOK. If you have to keep LOOKING at your watch you will need a sling, like the one shown, to minimise the risk of twisting and injuring the shoulder.

Sigh. Just run. Look at your device occasionally, have the occasional bleep. JUST RUN. or even JUST DO IT as someone famous once said.

The next thing, someone is going to release some form of intelligent clothing. Surely not.

Although a re-invention of the wrist strap is already on the cards

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Haha. To the point. ?