Optical HR Gallery – Rogues, Vagabonds and Sexy Sirens

FitbitI’ve been checking through some old posts and ‘accidentally’ put together a gallery of optical sports watches/devices. I’ve had most, but not all, of them to test and play with at some point. Was it worth it? Yes. I’m now a more complete person.

  • Most Accurate? Scosche (arm band)
  • Most Accurate Watch? Maybe the Epson – new one due in March 2016 probably…
  • Most Accurate Band? all either in the “pretty similar” or “not great” categories. If you want super accuracy you get a chest strap.
  • Most Hyped? Apple Watch
  • Most disappointing? Crapple Watch (because it was over hyped and soullessly too pretty)
  • Most intriguing? Jabra earbuds
  • Most bought-by-me? Samsung Gear Fit (x2 as gift-receivers had Samsung phones)
  • Most damaged/lost/stolen/stopped working? None!!
  • Most part-of-a-great-package? TomTom Runner 2/SPARK
  • Most looking forward to in 2016/7? Finis, Epson, Polar high-end, Garmin high-end, MIO, ADIDAS (yes I know it’s adidas … capitals for emphasis, apparently capitals means that I am shouting to them)
  • Most worrying? MIO Slice – I’ve NOT seen it. should do v soon. I really like MIO Global and want them to do well. After their dalliance with Garmin I hope they have invested in new, improved hardware and not just a TRIMP-like PAI system (which will be similar to what Polar, Garmin and others now do with intensity-based metrics)
  • Most invisible? Wellograph and Jaybird Reign HRV. Where? What? Who?
  • Most wearble wearable?  The pretty Polar A360
  • Most HRV-likely? Valencell
  • Most borrow-someone-else’s-tech-first? Garmin (re MIO)
  • Most ought-to-try? BASIS Peak
  • Most complete package? Fenix 3 HR
  • Most cyclo-innovative? MIO Velo…be nice if it did power too.
  • Most speedily off-the-mark with a working product? Joint first prize: adidas and MIO Link
  • Most liked by other people but not so much by me? MIO Alpha 2.
  • Most liked by me – the ‘everyone else is wrong award’? Microsoft Band 1
  • Most why-haven’t you-made-one-yet? Suunto AMBIT3 HR or AMBIT4.
  • Most sued over? Fitbit.

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