Polar V800, A360 – more firmware updates NOW

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Polar A360 ReviewPlug in your Polar and get the new updates. The V800 release has the previous botched release fixed so cadence now works properly.

The A360 has a couple of sneaky new features including support for the Polar weight scale and a persistent-ON HR display for exercise (battery drain of course if you do).



Polar A360 software update

Remember we gave you a sneak peek about the upcoming feature releases for the Polar A360? Get ready for the first one…

This release (software version 1.1.28) will take your training sessions with your A360 to a whole new level! Now you have the option to keep the display lit for the whole duration of your workout, so you can continuously see your heart rate throughout the session. To enable this feature, simply start your workout, press and continue to press the screen on your A360 until it shows you a light bulb icon. The screen will stay on until you turn it off (by pressing the screen as long as a crossed over light bulb is shown) or until you have finished your session. More  on the new feature can be found from this handy support document. Please note that the battery consumption of your A360 will increase if the display is lit during your entire training session.

Also a neat feature to keep you on track – you can see the next upcoming alarm behind the “My day” selection on your A360. Just scroll down the My day -feed to see your alarm which you have set and synced from your Flow app.

To top things off, this release also allows you to connect your A360 with our newest member of the Polar family, Polar Balance.


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What kind of person is a Polar user? Someone who doesn’t like Garmin? Serious question.


would say they put more efforts on ID and on HW engineering side, might be not the fastest one around but if they release something it usually works as promised without waiting for 5 or 6 firmware updates until he promised features are up&running, the updates like above they said clearly during launch that will something will coming in future instead indicating it’s already available, maybe a bit different philosophy in product making behind… just my few cents