Optical HR Running Watch – Bargain Update

Epson SF-810I just had a quick look at the Epson SF-810B (actually I think the SF-810V – violet) and it’s coming in at GBP127! That’s the price for a PROPER running watch WITH pretty good optical HR.

That’s £100 below the RRP.

It’s a good watch.

It’s cheaper than a Garmin 225/235.

And if you check my review from last year I suggested then that they need to charge £150 in order to shake up the market. They didn’t do that at the time…

Now there are the likes of the TomTom Runner 2/Spark at the same price point. Much more competitive market for optical.

The current price drop could be a stock clearout ahead of an expected announcement of ‘something’ from them in March. We’ll see.

Epson SF-810 £127.00 Link $189.00 Link
Epson SF-710 £130.00 Link $225.00 Link
Epson SF-510 £110.00 Link $252.27 Link
Epson SF-310 £89.99 Link $195.13 Link

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