Polar A360 vs HRM-RUN – HR Running Accuracy This Time

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Some much better news today for the A360.

This time running tests.

OK they were fairly short runs but they followed a bit of bike work beforehand each time and were suitably sweaty and outdoors. Fairly cold, not windy and nice and flat. They were all into Z4 territory.

This was a MUCH better than expected/feared performance. Getting mostly trouble-free up to 160bpm was very re-assuring. Polar’s A360 certainly passed this test. This sort of level of activity is probably OK for very many people’s running needs.

I have some sterner tests in mind. But I’m a lot happier today with the A360.


Note: The colour of the Polar line changes on one of the graphs – sorry. Just noticed that. The annotation that should appear is correct though eg Polar Red, Garmin Blue

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