Polar + Suunto: Proof of something new planned? :: Speculation with a BIT of evidence

Source: @nikanorov, Bluetooth.org

Source: @nikanorov, Bluetooth.org

Thanks to @nikaranov for this link to a registration on the Bluetooth SIG site. I’m not sure exactly what it is, possibly the registration of a new Bluetooth product or maybe a variant of an existing one.

I imagine the revelation that ‘polar are working on a new product’ is not so surprising. However the SIG registration may signal the IMMINENCY of such a product.

Also interesting, below, is Suunto’s new ANT+ and Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor on https://www.thisisant.com/directory/. Does this mean they are planning an AMBIT4 that is compatible again with ANT+ sensors? Or is it just merely a sensor that is backward compatible from the Bluetooth only AMBIT3 to the BTLE and ANT compatible SMBIT2.

SUUNTO ANT+ and BTLE Speed Cadence Sensor

SUUNTO ANT+ and BTLE Speed Cadence Sensor

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Andrey Nikanorov (@nikanorov)

There are also some resource file for this wear black device in android Polar Flow apk. Looks like “Maserati” is a code name for this project:comment image

Greg Zeger

Suunto’s new sensor looks exactly like Wahoo Blue SC. Seems they’ve partnered with Wahoo.

Adam Miarka (@adammiarka)

The new entry might be for A360 to allow for broadcast of HR via Bluetooth. ?

likependi (@likependi)

i’m not surprised at all!

The suunto sensor (speed/cadence) will look exactly like the wahoo rpm … they’re made by Dynastream (owned by garmin). That’s the reason why all the foot-pods look the same (Garmin, Suunto, Adidas, Wahoo rpm). The only difference is the chip/software inside (ANT+/BT_smart … or both).