Run Or Dye 5K – Cool images, worth a quick look, honest!

OK there are lots of novelty 5k that are marketed as ‘fun’ events. I’m sure there’s 5000 Santa 5Ks and no doubt the urban obstacle courses and the tough mudder obstacle courses are great too.

How about this one though. it’s the RUNORDYE5k. If you have kids it does look like fun. OK washing their/your clothes afterwards ISN’T going to be fun but there seems to be too many smiling faces here and, to be honest, I quite fancy it myself 🙂

3rd July 2016 at Penshurst Place – that’s the place in Kent where the do the BASTION/GAUNTELT IronMan-DISTANCE and HALF-DISTANCE races.

Nice video, below, gives you a flavour of the event too. I think there are other events in the series (Scotland, for example) have a look on the organiser’s website (above).


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1 thought on “Run Or Dye 5K – Cool images, worth a quick look, honest!

  1. We did the one at Chatsworth last year and it was THE BEST fun ever! Did it with my 14yr old son and we truly had the best fun… He’s even taken up running as a result… Well worth the (rather) hefty entry!

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