Suunto :: New Ceramic Materials – Some Thoughts on the Mythical AMBIT4 – Spartan?

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Suunto EssentialsLast week had the announcement of some new premium materials (well, ceramic and sapphire crystal glass) being available for the Suunto Essential Collection – nice!

However, this is not great news for the hoped-for AMBIT4. New variations of the existing models need to have at least a short life cycle before an AMBIT4 would be introduced.

A further announcement today was the ‘Create your Own’ Suunto. I seem to vaguely remember covering that before but, again, this sort of thing is a great marketing idea but another which delays the AMBIT4 if there are going to be a few more months of marketing/production efforts around essentially-existing devices.

On a more positive note I have heard definite rumours that Suunto are working on new marketing campaigns…these could be for the Suunto Customiser (AMBIT3 Peak/Sport) or they could be preparations for the AMBIT4. I don’t know.

Remember Suunto are sponsoring the Threadneedle Tri in Leeds later this year. That’s probably the earliest we can expect the A4 – Spartan(?). Sorry to disappoint 🙁

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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these Essentials series is more an ABC type of watch nto so much about heart rate tracking and sport activities, the earlier launched traverse falls here as well into (even traverse can record/track HR) so not so sure if they really occupy so much time from an estimated Ambit4 (however it’s called) program team … just my two cents