What’s the WAHOO news announced today then? They say new products (plural)

WAHOO-March-14Well here’s their ad. Intriguing enough. I love this kind of James Bondesque secrecy. All  companies should have secrecy around new products but I love the teaser! Actually I loved this one leading up to the Polar A360 as well, although it was obvious it was oHR…but I digress as usual

Polar-A360 teaser
Polar-A360 teaser
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Back to WAHOO. It’s the time of year for new stuff. We all know that.

Maybe you might think it’s some kind of way to hype the much-awaited ELEMNT bike computer. Maybe. Fair enough, that’s due for more general global shipping about NOW. But the word is plural PRODUCTS. So my reading is something else besides.

If you don’t know WAHOO they do some innovative/unusual stuff. A recent example being, seriously, a turbo session table. The TICKR-X caching HR strap WAS IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN WHEN RELEASED. The RFLKT+ is also a great iPhone cycling companion (there may be similar products now eg from CATEYE). Didn’t they also do some sort of plug-into-your-iPAD ANT+ adapter, that was clever.

So it REALLY is SUPER hard to predict what they will come out with next. You could argue that we are due an upgraded version of the KICKR trainer. but how would they upgrade it? What more cold it seriously do? OK, it could be a bit quieter but that’s about it. Apparently.

Well. I might know what next week’s new TomTom announcement will be but I have absolutely no idea what WAHOO are bringing out over and above the ELEMNT.

If it’s electronic it will likely be BTLE and ANT+ :: openness is their thing. It’s likely to be cycling related and a premium device, presumably therefore having some form of premium feature set.

Some guesses

  1. A running watch building on the ELEMNT – nah. Different form factor but some similarity with the innards? Not really cycling or general fitness though is it?
  2. Some form of cycling /video/ app linking to the trainer – hmmmm. Maybe
  3. Heads-up display – possible as that could be a high value item, the sort of thing they do well.
  4. A power meter – again, maybe. They could do a Favero and just spring one on us. If so, probably pedals.
  5. Maybe a chair to go with the table?
  6. A Bluetooth to ANT+ adapter? nah !!! Don’t be silly
  7. Something Else?

My money and the smart money is on option 7.

Thoughts? Anyone? Your guess is WAY better than mine on this one. We’ve got until Monday to figure it out.

EDIT: Looks like it’s just the ELEMNT augmented by the SPEED sensor – we now have the aptly names WAHOO SPEED and WAHOO CADENCE sensors…don’t get confused between the two. Not the most exciting of Monday mornings so far !


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8 thoughts on “What’s the WAHOO news announced today then? They say new products (plural)

  1. I know that they have a new sensor coming out at some point in the near future. It’s going to be a speed sensor also called RPM because it works in the same way as the current RPM cadence sensor. From the picture I have seen it should be the same form and size. They will be offering it as a bundle also. RPM magnetless speed and cadence sensor (the sensors being black instead of the current blue from what I saw on the picture).
    Also as the RFLKT is an extra 25% off until 23rd of March and the announcement is the 24th…maybe an updated version of the RFLKT?

    1. new RFLKT? you could be right. I have one myself but I am not sure how big the market is for an updated one (bigger screen with nav?? …. but then that might limit ELEMNT sales?).
      speed sensor would be a bit disappointing!

      actually thinking abou tit the speed sensor makes sense as the KICKR can’t do wheel speed I believe.
      also the separate speed and cadence sensors are a much more practical idea than a combined one like the garmin gsc-10 (garmin do separate ones now too)

      1. I know for a fact that the RPM Speed sensor is coming. I’ve actually already seen them on pre-order (wasn’t supposed to have seen that but yeah it happened anyway). Seem technology as the RPM cadence (accelerometer, so no earth magnet like the Velocomputer Smart sensor). Like you say, seeing as how Garmin now has one also it only made sense to complement their cadence sensor. But last time I asked Wahoo when it was coming out they told me they had no timetable yet. So either they are going to introduce something else, or they were just lying not to give away the “surprise” completely.
        The RFLKT thing I’m just guessing, because of the fact that it has been pretty much on sale since black friday and now has an extra 25% until march 13th, the day before their announcement… But I’m just having a wild guess with that one. It would perhaps not make a lot of sense with the ELEMNT being released soon, like you say.
        Guess we will have to wait until monday to be sure.

    1. well, yes, I can only apologise for the blog post pollution and the pollution of another comment!!!!

      On the positive side I just got an email from WAHOO saying the ELEMNT is now in stock in the UK. Which is good because I want one. As soon as it arrives Garmin will no doubt annoy me with the release of the Edge 820. such is tech.

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