‘Proper’ night time sleep tracking for athletes – Oura, EMFIT QS and Beddit

BEDDITSleep time is the time when your body adapts to your hard exercise sessions earlier in the day. You quantify your time-in-zone when exercising why not your time-in-adaptation? Some might argue that adaptation is more important.

You might not do it, I suppose, because the technology is generally pretty inadequate at present.

I saw 3 products at the Excel yesterday that may be able to help: Oura Ring, EMFIT QS and BEDDIT.

They all seemed to have pretty competent apps. Perhaps with BEDDIT losing out slightly. BEDDIT however is apparently sold in Apple stores, so one would assume a degree of competence there behind the product. EMFIT QS is from a longstanding company with a good pedigree and already works with some sports teams as does BEDDIT. Oura is a start up just starting to ship kickstater orders.

BEDDIT and Oura require a Bluetooth smartphone connection. Presumably a good time to simultaneously charge your phone; so that solution could work nicely.

EMFIT QS - HRV Enabled Recovery, Stress & Sleep Quality MonitorEMFIT has an novel link to your home wifi and a smartphone-friendly web site.

Clearly you wear the ring, but the other two devices go under the mattress (in BEDDIT’s case maybe under the sheet above the mattress – TBC).

EMFIT QS and the Oura Ring work from detailed HRV measurements. To measure lots of stuff – I’ll give a more closer look in the weeks to come.

The Oura ring measure directly from light shone into the skin. Whereas both EMFIT QS and BEDDIT are BCG devices – Balisto cardiograph ie they work by detecting the physical movement your body makes as your heart beats – your entire body vibration. EMFIT’s device is more accurate and able to measure HRV/RR beats.

These ALL seem like GOOD usable sleep solutions – unlike chest straps. If the technology works they are good to go – unlike wrist-based HRMs that cannot provide the necessary accuracy YET.

I would imagine that BEDDIT has links outside to the Apple-world. EMFIT is stated to link to Under Armour and Oura I’m not sure about.

Oura and EMFIT seem to offer much more (breadth/depth/accuracy) than a waking HRV measurement (eg ithelte – like many of us currently use, including me)

A close look at some images of the Oura Ring (review), below

▷ Oura Ring Review | New Oura Ring 2, 2018

And here is a detailed review of EMFIT


▷ EMFIT REVIEW Overnight Sleep Tracker | HRV Athletes | Strap-Free


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6 thoughts on “‘Proper’ night time sleep tracking for athletes – Oura, EMFIT QS and Beddit

  1. thank you for this post! really looking forward to your review. especially for the beddit. because it’s really affordable here in europe. but at it’s homepage i can’t find anything about hrv (what would be the most important thing for me). and it seems you can’t find any hrv-results within the app. or do you have other/furhter infos? thank you!

    • I spoke to them at the Wearable Tech Show Excel 2016 and yes they said it worked using HRV. but yes I agree with you in that the marketing info seems ‘light’ on that front. I do NOT plan to review the BEDDIT until I have more info on whether it REALLY is a ‘proper’ product or just a glorified motion sensor and vague HR estimator. Look at EMFIT (made in Finalnd) it looks to have all you could need and it is reasonably priced – I am yet to recommend any of these 3 yet though

      • thank you for the info! just got answer from the german support (medisana) and they confirmed that this product DOES NOT measure hrv. the emfit seems to be the perfect product in deed… unfortunately it costs the double price (300 euro) and (i know maybe it sounds a little bit paranoid) i really don’t want to have a permanent sending wifi-transmitter next to my bed. hm…

        • the cable is quite long, 1.5m. put your smartphone on scan for WIFI…there are LOTS of signal from your neighbours coursing through your body. I appreciate signal strength diminishes a lot with distance.

          • yes… i think you are right. one more wifi signal around me doesn’t make it even worse 🙂 so i just wait for your emfit review. thank you in advance!

            getting a little bit off topic but… i’m really convinced about the hrv-theory and at the moment i do it with the hrv4training app (with the camera because it’s just so comfortable!). but as you said in this article that these products (emfit and oura) are much more accuracy than the morning hrv-measurement i’m struggling which “product/app/thing” i should use for a reliable measurement. do you have any experience with the “vitalmonitor” (http://www.vital-monitor.com)? any (yours) suggestions for better hrv-measurement at the moment? thanks again!

          • vitalmonitor – no sorry. best hrv measurement otherwise is with the waking hrv apps bioforce/ithlete/elite hrv etc which are essentially similar. the hrv4training is different in tech and I expect good things from them this year.

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