TomTom Golfer 2 Announced

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TomTom Golfer 2 TomTom’s latest edition was announced yesterday. The Golfer 2. No doubt in America it will be called The Swing.

(Those knowledgeable about the Runner2/Spark naming history will appreciate the deep level of wit).

When I heard rumours of a new TomTom earlier in the month I was very (very) excited, hoping we would see the TomTom Triathlete hit the streets/lakes. But no.

Essentially it is the same watch hardware as the Runner 2/Spark but with a few golfing features highlighted.

For those of you who have never played golf: whilst it looks a bit like a walk in the park it is actually a very technically-difficult sport. And that’s just swinging the stick-thing properly. Knowing what hazards are ahead of you is tricky. Knowing how far away the hole is, is tricky. Knowing what club to use is tricky. Sometimes even remembering how many shots you’ve had is (deliberately) tricky.

So I’m sure you can imagine how a GPS watch, pre-loaded with course GPS data, is useful to help with all of this. If you have a keen golfing relation/friend then they WOULD like this sort of thing. I bought one for an elderly relation. Trust me, when it came to improving his golf score he miraculously became a technophile and got to grips with the product VERY quickly.

I had an interesting chat with some of the TomTom people at the Wareables show (Excel) yesterday too.

TomTom Golfer 2Apparently the equivalent Garmin Approach has fallen foul of the arcane rules of golf, which are many and varied in their complexity and occasional stupidity. Being able to read your heart rate and analyse your swing dynamics are illegal.

Anyway, that’s why the TomTom Golfer 2 does NOT have an optical HR.

Pricing: The Golfer 2 will come in at about £200 (link) or $150 (link) when it is released soon in Q2.2016.

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