Androidwear : The Tech of things to come (and Apple too)

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Whilst some of us might like to see more competition in the sport watch/head-unit market place from Polar and Suunto the true future competition MIGHT lie elsewhere.

Of course there is the Apple Watch. Essentially only one hardwear device, yet they have probably sold rather a lot of them. Once sports functionality such as GPS and HR are sorted out then there will be many credible app-choices for us sporty-types on this platform. Even if they don’t hit at some of the higher-end devices of Polar, Garmin and Suunto they WILL eat away sales further down the price points.

This brings us to androidwear. we already briefly mentioned the first outdoor androidwear device – the Casio. The following nice graphic from gives us some idea of the greater breadth and depth of hardware offerings on this platform.

Sure enough this platform will also bring forth yet more competition as the months pass.

Source: Wearable
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