New Stopping Power With Shimano Hydraulic Brakes Tiagra

Shimano-hydraulic-brake-tiagraLast week Shimano announced the July release of the latest addition to their continually expanding ranges. I suspect they have more interesting news for us over the coming weeks.

Anyway  we will very soon have Tiagra grade hydraulic brakes. I loved the April Fool from another component manufacturer with hydraulics being filled with specialist Spanish Olive Oil – actually which probably would have worked, for a while, and would have gone quite nicely with the balsamic vinegar that I use to clean mine!

I don’t always pay attention to component release PR info. Maybe we all should as there is continuing technological advancement there which will be impacting the standards on new bikes we buy in the near future. Hydraulic brakes have obviously been around for many years on MTBs and a fair few years on road bikes. I don’t really notice my fellow riders who use them but I strongly suspect we are going to see more hydraulic systems.

I suppose there will be superior performance issues as well as different faffs when it comes to servicing. I could probably drain and re-fill them myself whereas I always approach with trepidation re-threading metal cables and sheaths inside one of my frames.


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