Night of the 10k PBs – Beer, Cheer and Jo Pavey, Highgate Harriers

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Night of the 10k PBBeer, cheer and Jo Pavey. although possibly not in that order.

This is a Highgate Harriers hosted qualifier for Rio (yep the real Olympics Rio). It goes something like:

  • Turn up
  • Buy some beer (if not racing)
  • Stand in lane 3
  • Cheer a lot as lots of soon-to-be-famous Olympians hurtle around the track.
  • After cheering gasp at how fast they actually are AND how long they can keep it going for. (10k actually)
  • Go home with a post-2012 glow with a little nagging doubt inside that, perhaps (just perhaps) you could try a bit harder in YOUR training.
  • Saturday May 21st
  • Sorted
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Barrie Day

Went to this last year, was excellent. Had some Irish fella shouting for his runner, same line for 24 laps “Go on Mickey you can do it”. Not sure Mickey knew he was there.


Was there too…. what an amazing track party vibe…