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TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music - Pairing Headphones
TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music – Pairing Headphones

Here are some interesting figures from Google Play Store (my research compared to last year). It only looks at the growth in the number of reviews. It’s probably indicative of overall growth to some degree.

I’m seeing many more Jawbones and Fitbits on the streets and these figures seem to support that. I see a lot more people running with headphones, possibly less using their smartphones? Garmin are still growing but how much are TomTom and Fitbit affecting Garmin’s position in the sports tracking market?

Android App NameEst.ReviewsAug-1509/04/2016Growth
Jawbone Up500,0005,609Link25,813360%
Under Armour Record50,0001,563Link6,588321%
Tacx Training10,000108Link296174%
Elite HVRV10,000287Link782172%
Suunto Movescount50,0001,731Link4,466158%
Microsoft Health50,000957Link2,416152%
TomTom MySports50,0002,008Link4,928145%
Garmin connect1,000,00024,478Link48,24397%
MIO Go10,000892Link1,63383%
Polar Flow100,0007,406Link12,54869%
Wahoo Fitness50,0001,782Link2,98968%
Training Peaks100,0002,746Link4,06448%
Epson Pulsense10,000360Link52145%
Google Fit5,000,000129849Link175,84135%
Samsung Activity Tracker100,0001,587Link2,13034%
Strava Running & Cycling GPS1,000,000129,777Link171,60332%
Mapmyfitness – Walk1,000,00057,329Link74,02729%
Polar Beat100,0003,541Link4,56329%
Runtastic running & fitness10,000,000423,221Link537,17627%
adidas micaoch1,000,00051,780Link65,71527%
Runtastic Running Pro1,000,000121,762Link153,58226%
Nike+ Running10,000,000359,673Link44966325%
Ride with GPS100,0001,927Link2,39924%
Runtastic Road Bike1,000,00067,011Link82,59823%
Runtastic Road Bike Pro50,00011,518Link14,10522%
Runkeeper GPS Track Run Walk10,000,000307,507Link374,94822%
Mapmyfitness – Run5,000,00095,250Link112,83218%
Mapmyfitness – Ride1,000,00055,576Link65,68418%
Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro50,00012,144Link14,27618%
Runtastic Mountain Bike1,000,00040,492Link47,42917%
Sports Tracker5,000,000123,121Link143,26716%

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