Logitech acquire Jaybird //Reign

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logitech-jaybird-reignApparently Logitech (the mouse company) have splashed out $50m on Jaybird. Jaybird make a couple of sports earbuds models and also a supposedly nifty sports wristband.

Clearly Logitech have got a few Euros/Francs in the bank account and felt the need to diversify into the growing ‘fitness/activity/wareable’ market. Rude not to I suppose. Everyone else is.

Apparently Volkswagen have also developed a wareable sensor that monitors the expiration of bodily gases through the skin. I can’t see anything going wrong with that 🙂

Having seen the REIGN band early in 2015, it looked to tick all of the boxes that I thought needed ticking at the time; activity tracker, sleep analysis, hrv hr and lots of other stuff.

So, I’ve been interested in the wristband for over a year but never seemed to be able to get hold of one. I’d heard some good things and some less good things. Oh well, good luck to them. I’ve always had a secret penchant for Logitech computer products.

As far as the headphones/earbuds go I have no idea. I would imagine they are the same as just about everyone else (Jabra are cleverer than most with their ear-based HRM). Of course Logitech do very much more than just computer mice so maybe they justified their acquisition based on the audio side of things and then using that as a way into the sports segment? Just speculating.

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