Polar and 4iiii Announcements Day

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Polar A360 ReviewWell there’s a few product announcements today. Still none of the fabled new 2016 sports watches I’m hoping for (aka expecting: I am 100% sure you will have something this year to get excited about 🙂 )

Polar have filled a gap with the A360 and it now supports SPEED and DISTANCE from wrist-motion (not GPS). I was never too fussed about the initial omission of that from the A360’s specification but others were. Now you’re happy.

REVIEW: Polar A360

The A360 still needs a bit of work on the optical HR algorithm but it’s usable for most people.

Source: Polar

But moving on from that Polar have also been tinkering with the V800. The changes will certainly be of interest to many of you more adventurous type and I confess, until recently, to not being too sure if Polar will go down this route.

In Polar’s Press Release they talk about the May release of the Javier Gomez Noyer ‘Special Black Edition’ which appears to be a bundle with a cadence meter and universal bike mount. That’s not so exciting.

REVIEW: Polar V800

However a few of us gave user-feedback to Polar and one of the questions was about colouration. I said black-is-beautiful but they seem to have ignored me and brought out the red one (above). the three below are from the user feedback

New Polar V800 Strap Colours
New Polar V800 Strap Colours

Recently the v800 was updated with wrist-based cadence and at a similar time Flow was updated with the ability to display Running Index (‘form’) over time. However today’s information is that Polar plan to allow GPX import into Flow to enhance device-based route guidance. I suspect this will be ‘turn left’ ‘turn right’ stuff rather than a super-high resolution colour map (hint: the current display isn’t super high-resolution colour).

Polar also promise ‘more to come’. This sounds like more upgrades to the V800 which, I suppose, is great if you already have one. But I want an excuse to stick mine on ebay and buy a V850/V900. Perhaps the ‘more to come’ is the GoPro compatibility they talk about in a separate release? Essentially sending HR type data from the watch to the GoPro for recording and also controlling the GoPro from the watch.


Anyway, moving on to 4iiii. Like a simmering Krakatoa they have been only releasing near-trivia in their recent press releases. Today was eruption day with some interesting-for-cyclists news:

  • PRECISION 2.0 – 3D measurement. Bend, shear and axial forces can now be measured. These would have a field-day on my right leg as it moves all over the place. Such data would likely not be in the ANT+/FIT spec and so would require upgrades to the 4iiii app.
  • Race-ready MTB and road cranks available in many size compatible variants – XTR, Shimano, Dura Ace, Ultegra; and 165mm through to 175mm lengths.
  • dual left/right power in July 2016.

Cycling Analytics.com also announced recently several updates to their cycling software including improved segment tracking.

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  1. You’ll just have to ebay your V800 and get the All Black limited edition. There won’t be a V850 this year, or next. probably 😉

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