Weekend training for the Run Hackney Half Marathon

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Vitality Hackney Half Marathon 2015
Vitality Hackney Half Marathon 2015

My official Half Marathon plan, in preparation for Run Hackney, for this weekend says:

Saturday: 45 minutes easy

Sunday: 90 minutes easy

If you do triathlon you will realise this is a great weekend. Of course as a triathlete you are highly educated in all matters of sports science and have read widely. You are finely tuned to the needs and abilities of your body. Your wife no longer shakes her head when she looks at your stomach…at least not until its covered in lycra.

So when you see your plan says two days of easy stuff what you read is something like this:

Saturday: (Aquathlon prep for dodgy knee backup)

  • 50-70 minutes early morning swim incorporating 5×10 @threshold (optional large paddles+pull) straight into
  • 45 minutes easy RUN

Sunday: Brick.

  • Bike 90 minutes easy followed by bike 20-30 minutes @85%FTP, high cadence in race position, where possible, straight into
  • 90 minutes easy RUN.

Clearly I have followed the original ‘generic’ plan with a degree of personalisation.

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