QARBON QRING-tastic – what on earth happened ROTOR?

QARBON Q-RING ChainRing Q53x110

I was wittering on here yesterday about how I wish I had my Qrings properly configured several years ago.

Well today they were properly configured for the first time ever. On my road bike. Which I’m never comfortable on, but that’s by-the-by.

First off I did a nifty, easy little 90 minute run (ie running) with some fairly steep hills but the effort was easy throughout (as per the plan).

Got home had a stomach full of food and off on the bike; OCP position 5. Qrings ’round a bit more than normal’, in technical terms.

I have to say my road bike actually felt normal. I did have my TT seat on as well but it felt normal when I was pedalling. A first.

This is going to sound trite and I’ve seen it on some youtube vids but there seemed to be a tailwind (look!! zero links to where you can buy the product from…it’s true honest). I seemed to have more power than normal. And remember I am QUITE used to elliptical chainrings. My local hills beckoned. A nice little 2 minuter and then one that’s more like 10 minutes long both repeated about 4 times each. I flew up the short one (not wind assisted). The longer one felt pretty good too with a REAL slight tailwind.

So remember this is after a 90 minute run and also I haven’t cycled that much in the least 3 weeks.

Back home and Golden Cheetah software time.

I couldn’t believe it. I nailed power-duration PBs from between 1 and two minutes.

  • a. PB…right? PB??!! (USA=PR but good in any language)
  • b. a PB over a whole minute’s range worth of power ! 60 whole secundos! (Spanglish)
  • c. AND I could have tried quite a bit harder.

Must be shoddy measuring then?

Err no. I had two power meters, one brand new. Both said the same thing near enough.

PB-tastic summer here we come.

A slight dent in my story. Once I set a longer timeframe for Golden Cheetah to work out the stats; the PB was only from 1 minute to 1′ 20 secs and that’s going back to last summer.

Sure it’s anecdotal. But I’m going to bed happy.

Nighty night.



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    1. limits and powerpod

      (Just kidding: bepro and inpower 🙂 )

      ellipse gone from 3/5 to 5/5 setting (max). based on OCA/OCP analysis. I am writing about it soon. nearly finished.

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