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Here are some stats from the nice people at parkrun.

It seems that half a million of you have completed 5K in less than 45 minutes and a surprisingly high number of people who have gone below 20 minutes – to do that sort of performance you HAVE to train to some degree. Looks like we are all getting fitter as a nation.

Other stats show that 6m runs were completed by males and 4 million by females. 1.5 million runs (including 2ks) were completed by the under 17 year olds.

Fastest Run Time of UK 5k parkrunners – 52 weeks to 20.3.16
UK 5k parkrunners – 52 w/e 20th March 2016Number of Runners in Last 52 WeeksShare of Runners in Last 52 Weeks
Total Runners510,822 
Fastest Time 0-19:5932,5756.4%
Fastest Time 20-24:59147,37228.8%
Fastest Time 25-29:59163,90132.1%
Fastest Time 30-34:59100,12219.6%
Fastest Time 35-39:5943,6888.6%
Fastest Time 40-44:5915,4813.0%
Fastest Time 45-49:595,1401.0%
Fastest Time 50-54:591,7010.3%
Fastest Time 55-59:596230.1%
Fastest Time 60 Mins +2190.0%
Source: parkrun

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