Garmin Fenix 4: CONCEPT Images – Not The Real Thing Source –

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Garmin Fenix 4 Concept Source: Sylvain Gerber:
Garmin Fenix 4 Concept Source: Sylvain Gerber:

Love this concept – very well executed. Again, this is imaginary by a non-Garmin person.  Garmin has not announced any such product or its existence. (via S Gerber)

Outside chance of a June 10th Announcement of the Fenix 4 for September release (here).

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I actually don’t like these at all. Physical buttons are essential, no matter how trendy touch is. I don’t like the concave face, and other than a few edge cases can’t see how a recessed screen would improve anything. I do like the option of non-black back cases as the black looks odd on some combinations at the moment.
I’d also like to see a depth gauge and better waterproofing on the next Fenix – if you’re going for a do everything sports watch then go all the way and sensor up to the gunnels!