Great Last Hard Session For Run Hackney

TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music - Pairing Headphones
TomTom Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music – Pairing Headphones

Today was:

  • 2x [10′ easy, 10′ HM pace and then 10′ 5k pace]
  • 2x Vintage Will and Grace, 5′ rest interval
  • 3x 70ml Malbec, no rest.

Nailed the whole lot and feel really good about it. I drink virtually nothing these days which might account for me being slower than in ‘the good old days’ in some bizarrely physiological way.

Despite this being my first really good run session in well over a year I still have this nagging doubt that Hackney will be 2 minutes slower than I would like. We’ll see. Perhaps tomorrow’s Chablis interval session will help?

As TomTom are sponsoring the event, I think, then maybe I will dust off the TomTom Runner 2/Spark. It’s either that, a Fitbit Surge or ‘just running’.

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2 thoughts on “Great Last Hard Session For Run Hackney

    1. Hmm. Take your training up a notch or two. Go for the Sancerr taper rather than the Chablis one I mentioned. Hope the hip works out – some hip probs can be linked to hamstring tightness and lower back tightness…STRETCH AND ROLLER work might help. good luck

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