Acer in the bike market …. really ???? Yes! and it looks good XPLOVA X5

Source: timeincuk

Source: timeincuk

Garmin’s stranglehold on the bike computer market looks shakier by the month.

Whilst the likes of MIO, Cateye and Lezyne have largely not dented the Garmin steamroller too much, we could argue that Polar have made a half decent attempt at keeping Garmin honest with their M450 and other products.

WAHOO’s ELEMNT will definitely keep Garmin’s hardware developers awake at night.

Perhaps now the nightmares start. With companies like ACER, with LOTS of financial clout, realising that the cycling market is ripe for competition. They go and announce a product like the XPLOVA X5.

To me it looks pretty snazzy. Seems to hit all the important ANT+ buttons with regards to sensor support..

BUT it actually looks like a “computer” display. It certainly has the WOW factor. Whilst all the colours and dials look great some may argue that they detract from getting the right piece of info at the right time. Others might argue that such display methods could enhance and focus the rider’s ‘data experience’.

I’m not sure which way I lean yet. But I certainly want one to play with. That looks unlikely as they may only be sold in the USA. I think ACER are wondering if the UK/European cycling market is big enough (?!?)

Source: whatsontech

Source: whatsontech



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It’s certainly pretty and I agree that it would be fun to use it to see how the display performs when you want to quickly snapshot key data at speed..

Acer Support

XPLOVA X5 is really very fast and small to carry it anywhere, most bikers used it when travel to the places. Its like the small navigation compass to them.


thanks for that.

Muniza Faizan

thanks for posting information about Acer in the bike market..