Moxy: Bit of a play with a new toy – finally got it into sporttracks desktop

moxy-sm02-dataHaving not cycled for a couple of weeks I was getting withdrawal symptoms and I also had a new toy to play with. Well I’ve had it for a few weeks. Some form of exercise was probably also de rigeur (what’s the English for that?) for getting rid of my marathon legs.

It’s the MOXY Muscle Oxygen (MO) Monitor. A professional little unit that I strapped onto my thigh with WAY too much tape and endeavoured to link to various bits of software.

My data-goal is always to get data into the desktop version of sporttracks as that is where I keep my ‘special’ personal data. All the other stuff on the net connect/flow/movescount etc can very well be ‘corrupted’ with various duplicate records and the like. Also sporttracks is fairly open and so stuff should reasonably be expected to be able to be gotten into it. Also sporttracks often lets me overlay multiple sessions on one graph.

I also had a play with PERIPEDAL software and with Golden Cheetah for this same session. But the easiest way of getting the MO data into sporttracks seemed to be via a direct FIT download from the MOXY unit via USB and merging with the non-MO data on my Garmin once into ST.

That’s actually relatively straightforward but, in reality, I should have been able to create a complete single file from either Peripedal or Golden Cheetah. Neither quite worked although that was probably my ignorance and lack of perseverance. Next time I shall try harder.

My session was 30 secs at threshold and 15 secs easy, repeated until I got bored. Don’t know why. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I’d never tried it before. A moderate intensity version of a HIIT session. Actually quite interesting to do as it produced quite good power figures for a relatively low HR effort.

I think I may have discovered the ultimate sweetspot session.

As to the SmO2/THb data – well, I’ll hold fire on my opinion of that.

I reached the boredom point after about 30 minutes but felt like I could have plodded on for well over another 30 minutes. Anyway I’m peaking my legs’ interest for a nasty little MOXY 5-1-5 cycling test later in the week. Actually I did one before and it was much harder than I expected.



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