Garmin 920XT – Swim Workouts….Finally introduced alongside 735XT

735XT With Line Watch Face
735XT With Line Watch Face

The 920XT now has swim workouts. They’re pretty good and can be added through Garmin Connect. You can even include sets with paddles/snorkel and paddles..Nice!

Some of you will like alerts – 50m to go, or something a little cleverer. I’m pretty happy with it as it is and just use it as a glorified lap counter – which is tricky sometimes as it counts distance and not laps.

Stick your 920XT on the cradle and get the 7.1 firmware. Wear your HRM-RUN/TRI and you’ll get the ‘special’ (ahem) running dynamics as well if you don’t already have them.

Also check out the LINE watch face. Looks good. I’ve finally found a watch face I like. Shown here on the right on the quite nice and new Garmin Forerunner 735XT (nice but no need to upgrade form your 920XT).

Here’s a quick image of one of the screen on CONNECT where you can create a swim workout.


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2 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT – Swim Workouts….Finally introduced alongside 735XT

  1. Nice to see the swim workouts are transported to the 920XT as well.
    I’m still not sure about the swim watch i saw lately combined with the little info we have.
    We now also have the FR735 which has swimming functions and is round.
    But this is not what i have seen, i could never see the difference of a FR235 and FR735 a few steps away (and before the FR735 announcement i would said it was the FR235, nothing special)
    So there is still a round watch, optical more like the swim 1 (color) than a FT235/630/735, use-able in a pool.
    If you have more info please post!

    1. not sure garmin will have optical on a swim watch. I do have some more stuff but have to wait a while !! sy. not necess from garmin. could be a 925xt but that would not be round. could be F4 but that would not have optical probably. MAYBE ITS A GOLF WATCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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