Polar keeps 'em coming: Route Imports To Flow

Polar-V800-RedPolar keeps on rolling out flow- and device-improvements. This time it is getting routes onto selected Polar devices from, for example, Strava.
I’ve not yet tried the process myself, but the video below seems to suggest it is fairly straightforward.
I find routes generally difficult to work with though I have to say. Having used Garmin Connect a few times I’ve had a less than 50% success rate with Connect accepting files even though they are in the right format and accepted by others eg MIO.
Let me know if Polar is fool-proof and then I’ll be heading over there with the V650.

Route import from 3rd party services to Polar Flow

We’re so excited to share today’s Flow update with you guys! From today onwards, you can import saved routes from 3rd party services to Polar Flow web service.  You can import either GPX or TCX files that are a maximum file size of 25 MB. After importing the wanted routes to Flow, you can sync them to your Polar V800 and Polar V650. To get some guidance during your journey, check out the route guidance instructions from your training device user manual.

We’ve created a small video for you to see how easy and simple the route import is, so you can get started right away:

To get those step by step instructions how to import the files, check out the How can I import a route to Polar Flow web service and use it on my training device?  document.


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Two attempts, with the V800 and the V650 with files coming from Strava. No problems during the import nor during the run/ride.
So the update is functional, the interest of such a guidance remains to be demonstrated for the ordinary day of training 😉 but great when travelling or to explore new routes made by others.


Not so bad.The V800 is clearly not the King of Resolution, nevertheless Polar did some interesting trade-off in order to have sthg simple and effective:comment image

Maybe in areas with plenty of paths, it may be a bit too simplistic. But in my area, the display simplicity is not an issue, nor is the display speed.


Hi, I have a new V650 and I am unable to update it to the latest firmware (it is still stuck on 2014 firmware). My rides are able to sync into Polar Flow but update keeps saying that it failed. Do you have any ideas how to fix this? I am running a Windows 10 machine.