'Fake' Sale on the Garmin 920XT

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garmin-920xt-saleMy Amazon price alert beeped on the 920XT today. with a massive 10% off … wow that’s a lot right. Let’s go and snap up the items that Amazon are trying to shift as stocks of the 735XT come in.



Well. No!!

Look at the above graph. Prices have previously been a further 10% lower than what they are at present.

If you really need to buy one now then I suppose the price is not too bad. The best time to buy is usually just before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals – as you can see just after the summer when clearly few 920XTs are likely to be sold.

So either wait a few more months, bite the bullet or just go for the watch and save on the HRM strap if you already have one – although that sometimes is a false economy.

Garmin 310XT £93.00 Link $130.00 Link
Garmin 910 XT £207.00 Link $195.00 Link
Garmin 920 XT £289.00 Link $370.00 Link
Garmin 735XT £359.99 Link $449.00 Link
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