Jawbone quits the market?

Source: chiclaunches
Source: chiclaunches

Following a 15% reduction in the workforce last year, Techinsider reports that JAWBONE have: sold their fitness tracker stock; stopped making new stuff; and are looking to sell their other (speaker) interests. In separate reports, Fortune confirms the latter.

Is the image above taken at my local street market or was it taken in a high tech store?

Whatever I might say about Apple, Fitbit and Garmin it won’t be that they fail to do tech. These 3 guys are patently the future of the market. Jawbone isn’t, really. It’s the ‘really’ that gives it away. Either you are or you aren’t.

However with estimated revenues of $450m Jawbone (Fitbit is $2bn) will likely not ‘just stop’ trading unless some Enron-esque catastrophe awaits (I don’t think so). Indeed at the back-end of 2015 they were hyped as the best upcoming contender for a super-IPO (didn’t happen)

So if you trawl the tech commentary sites you will see quite a few people predicting their imminent collapse. All they are doing is taking the above-linked reports in isolation. In reality Jawbone will refocus its efforts on other sectors or ‘something different’ – eg the medical sector or a medical grade product being most likely.

Will that work for them?

Not sure. I can’t predict the future.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


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