Retrieving 'Lost' and Cached HR data from the Garmin HRM-TRI

Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review
Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review

I’ve used the HRM-TRI on an off in the pool over the winter and it has been generally VERY good. The only issue really there was the need to do a 5/6m push off rather than anything more strenuous which would cause the strap to move.

Apart from that VERY minor issue I’ve been a happy bunny with my expensive purchase. If I had bought the HRM-SWIM, which would have been the correct ‘pool’ purchase, then I probably would not even have had that problemette.

So moving into the lakes has been good also but with one exception.

Problem: You get all the kit on and the HRM-TRI pairs up. All is good to go. If you splash along to a pre-determined start point WITHOUT starting the session then your watch can go into auto-lock mode.

When that happens you unlock and start the session. OK you might have a few GPS issues at the start but I’m not bothered about those per se.. But the problem I found was that the HRM-TRI would not pair up again as it was under water.

To cut a long story short: no HR data was sync’d at the end of the session using the normal end-of-swim method. I tried many, many times.


The solution:

On the watch do this

  • History
  • Activities
  • Choose the saved exercise
  • ‘Download HR Data’

This then UPDATES the file from which the HR is missing. ie it does NOT create a new file, it just updates/appends the HR data.

Taking it into sporttracks, it recognises the session already exists and gives the option to add the new HR data from the modified file. Equally you can delete a file and import the whole thing. Presumably this latter method works on Garmin Connect too.


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