Polar M450 Massive Price Drop – Does This Mean Anything?

Polar M450 - vs MIO Cyclo 505HC
Polar M450 – vs MIO Cyclo 505HC

The price of the Polar M450 (reviewed here) has dropped massively in the UK to an incredible £86. About 20% lower than it’s lowest previous price.

If you are not familiar with the Polar products then have a look below at the links just quickly to see the V650. The V650 is a larger navigational unit WITH A BETTER SCREEN.

So the M450 is functionally great but the screen needs updating. Might these price drops herald a replacement M450 with a better screen and a few more peripheral features? Like many products these days its core functionality to support ‘proper sports’ is already there and sound. It just needs prettifying and stravaing up-like additions.

On the other hand the M400 has dropped below £100 before but has not yet been replaced. Again that needs prettifying too following the same argument for the M450.


Polar M400£115.00Link$157.00Link
Polar M450£86.93Link$140.18Link
Polar V650£159.90Link$220.00Link
Polar V800£253.31Link$351.00Link


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