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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Great GrpahicsSamsung have just announced what looks like a game-changer in the fitness band market.
The successor to the Gear Fit is the cunningly named Gear Fit2. It’s a FITNESS watch rather than an out-and-out running watch. The clue is in the name.

But Is It Twice the Gear or Twice the Fit?

It is certainly NOT twice the price. At a REPORTED (techradar: not confirmed) price of US$180 this is a market-changing move. As you will see by reading on, IF this price level is correct then no other device will touch it for fitness functionality in a classy hardware suit. More likely it will be GBP180/US$280. (Edit: nope. it’s meant to be $180…wow!)

I have regurgitated some of the Samsung-produced info below along with a good selection of their images but the thing that stands out first of all is the 1.5″ curved, high resolution super AMOLED  screen.

OK the hi-res screen is the way that all of these smart band devices are going (Polar, Garmin and co) but remember the original Samsung Gear Fit? (review) . What always stood out with the Fit1 was that the screen, EVEN THEN, was superior to most of the competitors (pre-Apple). These super hi-res screens are a BIG wake up call to many of the other players, Fitbit included, people want pretty stuff. Simple. There is just WAY too much 1970’s-Casio-style LCD display hardware STILL being sold for many 10s of pounds/$s.

So we expect BIG things from the new SUPER AMOLED.


Yes it has optical HR – presumably an improved offering and the same goes for the GPS hopefully which is now on the device.

Whilst the Fit1 was berated somewhat for it optical HR accuracy on its initial release, it was one of the first such devices and once a few firmware releases also got pushed out it wasn’t too bad. Well it was on a par with most of the others anyway – none of which are as good as a chest strap.

Hey I even bought TWO of the Gear Fit1’s as presents. Partly because they looked great compared to the competition and partly too because of their integration with Samsung smartphones.

You can expect both the GPS and oHR to be reasonably good but the truth will be in the testing. Again, remember, these devices are destined for fitness types not high level runners doing high intensity intervals. It will probably be super-fine for 80% of ALL you fitness types – a big market.

It has a barometer. Nice.

It’s IP68 , so that’s an improvement on the Fit1 but you will still NOT want to go swimming with it, despite what anyone else tells you!

It looks better than the Garmin Vivoactive HR, perhaps less chunky with more modern curves. In a way I still like the sleekness and simplicity of the Polar A360 (review). Either way it is still a manageable size and very similar in size to the Fit1.

Naturally it will connect to your Samsung phone and, of course NOW to other android models too (Bluetooth v4.2!) but not iOS. You will be able to use it as a remote control for your phone’s music as well as it having the usual text and app notifications. Like the TomTom Runner 2/Spark it has on-device music too…cool!

The data will sync back to Samsung’s S-Health platform on your smartphone. From there you can send it to lots of exciting places, for other apps that link to it. There will also be on-device apps from the running app makers announced very soon presumably. I’d certainly at least consider buying one.

The Fit2 is DEFINATELY in the class of a standalone device, certainly NOT JUST a remote control for your phone like some of the competition.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 vs Gear Fit

Official Press Release

The appetite for beautifully designed, yet practical and smart wearable devices is growing globally as consumers look beyond their phones to enhance their everyday activities, from fitness and music to style and organization. Samsung Electronics hopes to answer these demands with the Gear Fit2, a brand new GPS sports band designed with the fitness lifestyle in mind.


The Gear Fit2 automatically and accurately tracks your everyday activities, from walking to squatting to yoga, to encourage a healthier lifestyle. It also comes equipped with a slew of features optimized for fitness enthusiasts and casual exercisers alike, such as a standalone music player and increased memory storage, as well as a comfortable and stylish design.





Functions That Blend Fitness and Fun

The Gear Fit2’s features make all-day fitness tracking more accurate and workouts more enjoyable. Utilizing a combination of sensors including a standalone GPS and heart rate monitor, the device lets you accurately gauge your fitness activities, including distance, pace, route and calories burned, as well as your heart rate.


Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or even using an elliptical trainer or rowing machine, the Gear Fit2 can automatically detect the type of activity you’re engaging in and accurately track your progress toward your target goals. You can track and monitor 15 different activities including Exercise bike, Step machine, Treadmill, Pilates, Yoga, Lunges, Crunches and Squats, among others.




Depending on the activity, the Gear Fit2 displays animations to illustrate proper exercise techniques for more accurate tracking, and can also provide feedback at set intervals during your workout.




You can also check your fitness performance and trends with your Gear Fit2 or your smartphone through S Health, which easily syncs with the GPS sports band. Or, for an added boost of motivation, you can share your activity data on Facebook, as well as compete in a Steps Challenges with a friend.


Meanwhile, the easy-to-use interface lets you manoeuvre through information screens with just a few simple swipes.





Stay Fit with Better Style

The Gear Fit2 offers a simple, lightweight design that complements everyday wear.


With its ergonomic curve, the GPS sports band allows for a comfortable fit throughout the day. Likewise, the strap’s secure fastener and size—available in small and large—ensures that the device stays on even during the most vigorous workouts.


Featuring a stylishly slim and classically chic design, the Gear Fit2 is available in three fashion-forward colors (black, blue and pink) and boasts a variety of watch faces so you can choose the best look to complement your own personal style.




The Gear Fit2’s 1.5-inch Super AMOLED curved display, high resolution and color touchscreen let you easily monitor your progress, check the time or show off your impressive fitness stats, even in bright sunlight. And should it start raining, the GPS sports band’s IP68 rating—the premium standard of protection against water and dust—ensures that your workout won’t be interrupted.



Move to the Beat and Stay Connected

To enhance your workout even more, the Gear Fit2 offers Bluetooth connectivity for a seamless experience, providing a motivational soundtrack to keep you moving.


Or, if you don’t feel like carrying around multiple devices or getting tangled up in cords, the GPS sports band also features a standalone music player with internal storage. For ultimate convenience, the device can transfer music between the Gear Fit2 and your smartphone with the Samsung Gear application.




Understanding that most wearable device users are constantly on the go, Samsung designed the Gear Fit2 to be a device that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. Check notifications at a glance from a single screen, and stay connected with family and friends by easily replying to text messages, emails and messaging apps—straight from your wrist.




* All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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