To Marathon or Not to Marathon At The Richmond Running Festival

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richmond running festival marathon 10k hm

Richmond Marathon: September 18th, 2016 (info)

Should I or shouldn’t I?

The UK’s most picturesque City-marathon is getting closer and I still have to enter. I decided I wasn’t going to do it because of scheduling reasons. As I sit here a bit ill, it seems like a wise choice. But no doubt I will be back on the roads in a few days time and September is a VERY long time away. Plenty of time to get fighting fit.

Then again I have the Hever HIM the following weekend and I want to try to do fairly well at that to expunge some demons from previous years. I just don’t think I’ll properly recover from a marathon in that timeframe.

Decisions, decisions.

Apparently the organisers were limited by Kew Gardens to 1500 places (there are other events too in the Richmond Running Festival 2016). Kew is part of the route as well as the picturesque Teddington Lock, above. Some of the twitter info at  suggests that only 25% of places are left. That’s about 300 ish with my maths.


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Barrie Day

If you want to do the HIM well then don’t do a marathon the weekend before.

You might be OK for a 10km race, but the HIM effort will be impacted.

How many marathons have you done? The following weekend if you can remember them will tell you. I was never up to much the following weekend, certainly not 3 hours of exercise.

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