Suunto Spartan ULTRA Collection – Info From The Marketing – As close to a review as you are going to get for a while !

Spartan Ultra Collection


The press release for the Spartan is, err, metaphorically and literally ‘Spartan’.

It’ll be weeks, probably, before we see a half-decent review and a full spec sheet. So, for the moment, it’s just regurgitated marketing info from several official Suunto sources. Here it is:

    • Suunto Q&A Session – >>HERE<< 40-odd questions from me and answers by them. With some mysterious ones missed out…
    • It’s a GPS Adventure and Athletic Multisport Watch – ie a ‘proper’ triathlon watch
    • Competitive battery life, ability to control power consumption – how competitive? Presumably enables features to function less frequently to save power (Rumour: 25-200 hours with GPS – totally unverified)
    • Titanium5 bezel – sweet
    • Sapphire glass – hard
    • 100m waterproof – deep
    • Barometric Altitude – actually it’s FusedAlti which I think merges in GPS based altitude as well when it ‘feels’ necessary
    • Navigation + GPS + Compass
    • Bluetooth Smart – No ANT+ baby, I checked thisisant a while ago
    • Outdoor-proof colour touchscreen – outdoor proof!?
    • Sports expertise and training insights 24/7 – hmm?
    • Models & Prices: Ultra All Black titanium/Stealth Titanium (Eu749+ Eu50 for HR Belt) advanced titanium 5 bezel;
    • Models & Prices: Ultra Black /Ultra White (Eu649+ Eu50 for HR Belt) – stainless steel bezel;

Spartan Ultra Collection Prices

  • Models & Prices: Ultra Black /Ultra White (Eu649+ Eu50 for HR Belt);
  • Dozens of sports modes pre-installed – theoretically you should be ‘good-to-go’ in YOUR sport.
  • GPS FusedSpeed – gets speed from GPS as well as from accelerometer. Presumably an algorithm works out the ‘best of both worlds’
  • Supports a Bluetooth HRM – probably supports caching like the AMBIT3 for swimming
  • Versatile insights over a variety of sports
  • Carefully designed sport-specific colour displays to give accurate feedback about your training
  • Sport overviews give basic details like durations and distance totals


Spartan Ultra Collection Sports

  • Popular sports such as running and cycling have ADDITIONAL SUB-SPORT modes – eg Race, Long-Ride, Interval or Indoor.
  • 247 Activity Monitor with daily and weekly summaries

Spartan Ultra Collection Activity

  • Training history AND future planned training sessions
  • PBs/PRs – eg 5k best or peak cycling power.
  • Touchscreen can be turned off.
  • Touchscreen has press and hold functionality to bring up context sensitive menus.
  • MOVESCOUNT: Discover new routes for your sport with HEATMAPS via MOVESCOUNT WORLD (URL guessed at this stage…still down … or it could be this MOVESCOUNT MAP)

Suunto Movescount 2016 along with the Suunto Spartan Ultra

  • MOVESCOUNT: Plan moves on topographic maps based on Suunto’s millions of moves already stored on MOVESCOUNT.
  • MOVESCOUNT: Moves can be based on the heatmap you are displaying for your sport/town and then downloaded to the Spartan Ultra
  • MOVESCOUNT: Moves can be imported into MOVESCOUNT from external sources (map view)
  • MOVESCOUNT: Draw routes on google or Mapbox maps and download

Pretty 360 Video:

Some partners linked to here offer discounts and as from May 2019 there will be discounts that should take it lower – especialty with the loyalty schemes linked to from here with REI and Wiggle

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