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Sorry I was asked to remove the QUCIKSTART guide link from this page by Suunto

*Instead* here are some Answers direct from Suunto today (8Jun) giving more info about the Spartan. The full post with all the questions/answers is >> HERE << under SUUNTO RESPONDS

29.   Is there footpod support for cadence and PACE

A: Yes, it will. However it can measure both running cadence and pace from the wrist as well.

30.   Is there a run/walk mode


31.   Any form of race prediction Not exactly. You can set a target for your race and follow the progress.

32.   Are indoor min/max pool lengths unchanged at 15m/1200m? A: In beginning the pool lengths are limited to 25m/50m and 25yd/50yd. Custom lengths coming later

34.   Any weather data


35.   Any geo caching app?


36.   Any form of on-device PB/PRs Yes, The watch will also keep you up to date on your personal bests by sport.

37.   Any form of shadow- or target-racing?

My comment: See Q31

  1.   what quality of route following is there (zoom, breadcrumbs, waypoints)

Route navigation with altitude profile, including several zoom levels.

POI navigation coming later via a FW update

40.   What is the compass type?

Digital compass with tilt calibration enabling good accuracy even tilted to 45 degrees.

41.   Still compatible with firstbeat?

Spartan Ultra does not have Firstbeat features in the beginning but they are in the roadmap to be included later.

43.   Do you anticipate ANT+ will still work though devices like 4iiii’s Viiiiva

Yes, any signal converter device can be used. There are at least 4iiii’s Viiiiva and CoachSmart by O_synce.

44.   Why will someone switch from their Fenix 3?

Spartan Ultra gives a more complete summary of your training status on the watch. Compatibility with Movescount heat maps and other community powered features. Spartan Ultra and Movescount also support more sports.

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