Suunto Spartan Ultra – What's In The parallel Movescount Update?


What are the new Movescount features?

Well there’s HEATMAP. Really cool. In the case above it gives you all the best places to meet Stand Up Paddleboarders in London – on the Thames of course…but it helps narrow it down to Putney by the looks of it. You’ll also be able to find, perhaps, good and perhaps more-likely-safe places to run in new cities? Or perhaps great places to surf in a new area?

>>More *LIVE* Updated Info on this page<< (as in live as when I press update, slow typer !!)

Suunto Movescount 2016 along with the Suunto Spartan Ultra
oooooh pretty!

Cynics will argue that it will give Polar and Garmin an unlikely way to target their geographic marketing resources to win over Suunto customers. Luckily I am not a cynic and wouldn’t say that.

Is there anything else in Movescount? No, I don’t think so. At least not yet. The official line is that Suunto are investing in ‘Community powered progress’ by building on their insights from community Movescount data. It seems like the heatmap is the first of such features to be introduced with others following later such as one showing your progress against peers. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“Suunto deploys big data methods for turning the community generated sports data into valuable training insights. Suunto has been analyzing tens of millions of endurance sport sessions to provide both existing and new consumers with answers to the questions like where should you train and how are you progressing. The first tool utilizing this data are sports-specific heatmaps, available from today in Suunto Movescount. Later, the toolset using the data will grow with tools for peer group comparison and insights.

Edit: you’ve probably received the email “Service Announcement: Major udpate requiring Movescount maintenance break on Tuesday, June 7th”. so by now Movescount will hopefully be hunky dory with this new stuff. Check it out.

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