Garmin Edge 820 Video – Fake, Fab or Fooling us about the Edge 530?

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Garmin Edge 820 is now released <here>.

Source @ben_richards on Twitter


Garmin’s replacement to the Edge 810 will likely be creatively named the Edge 820 or ,despite the image above, it might be EVEN more creatiely named the Edge 530 but that’s a whole different story/leak 🙂


There WILL INEVITABLY be a replacement as we’ve said a few time before. It’s a question of WHEN?

However this Youtube video from today, below, appears to confirm that the 820 may be close. A colour touchscreen on a 520-esque format is plausible. (Kind of what you’d imagine a 530 to look like).

But it gives even less away than Suunto’s Spartan announcement.

It seems strange to me that such a low quality video from Garmin exists. Their marketing videos are normally TOP quality.

Coincidently, there were some big drops today in the price of the 520. Again, maybe that could be evidence of the imminence of the 820/530.

I’m not getting excited, yet. There’s nothing registered on the FCC site AFAIK.

You decide on this ‘taken down by Garmin’ note, alleging an infringement of copyright – although even that message referring to Garmin has now been changed as you can probably see…


The sneaky preview of two screens of the original video are shown at the top ie only a tiny proportion of the original 3 minutes – which does not constitute an infringement of copyright I would imagine.

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