Garmin Edge 820 – Here it is – Photos and some comments – Edge 530 esque?

Source: Garmin Edge 820

Leaks abound at Garmin HQ. This time for the soon-to-be-released Garmin Edge 820 Cycling Super Computer (AND 1000 explore VARIANT). The very porous nature of these leaks leads most of us to assume that they are sort-of sanctioned.

EDIT: Released – info HERE

For example, we’ve known about the images below for over a month (11 May). As far as I know they were ALL first posted by Staffs HIMer-extraordinaire @srbmckenzie and were found on Garmin’s website and are all still there. This of course tied in with yesterday’s appearance and subsequent disappearance of a Garmin Edge 820 video – some reports say 3 videos, I only saw one.

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Garmin Edge 820 Varia RTL 500
My Edge 820 + Varia – Review(s) to follow

The official product code is: 010-01626-00. The inclusion of EMERGENCY notifications looks nice. The images are probably photoshopped but hold up the promise of improved resolution over the 520.


It’s got 5 buttons and a high-res colour touchscreen. 3 of the buttons are physical the other two appear to be top/screen based. From memory, yesterday’s video showed a USB port on the rear. It looks like a 520 and may turn out to be the Edge 530 FWIW.

Most of the specs are going to be fairly obvious (see here and below) including integration with all of Garmin accessories (lights/radar), the super-advanced Vector-based cycling dynamics and the recent STRAVA premium stuff.

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I’m not quite sure how it is going to be THAT much different from the 520 in terms of software features. Ok the hardware should be improved but let’s see if Garmin have run out of new features to include inside the box. The 520 is currently languishing in price well below the GBP200 mark. So that is great value for a great device.

Here are some likely features but these are NOT CONFIRMED FROM LEAKS:

  • ANT+ FE-C trainer control
  • Two product variants: Edge 820 and Edge 820  Explore. I may have misunderstood that (Edge 1030/1010 to follow apparently).
  • Bigger (no!!!!!), better, colour Touch-Screen?
  • Better battery (NO!!!!!!!)
  • All the Bluetooth-smartphone stuff
  • Routes/Nav
  • Radar/Light/VARIA support
  • Full Cycling Dynamics support
  • Autosync, segments, better analysis,
  • Lactate Threshold, VO2, time/distance/power predictions,
  • ConnectIQ
  • STRAVA Suffer Score and integration for STRAVA premium users

OK you’ve read this far. Here is a translation of some HK promotional materials for the 820. Don’t blame me, blame Google Translate!!

Start “

“Touch button +
 “Two Satellites
“ant + Bluetooth wifi
“Dedicated phone app
“Send Message wrestling emergency vehicles
” Multiplayer Tracking
” Download a variety of custom surface
” Graphical Information Display
“20hr Power

“Tracking the connection 820 , and you can clear the players from the gap, but also allows players to control the dynamic team vehicle commander and resupply operation !

 “Usually riders can determine whether you have to keep up with friends !” end quote

All you can really take from that is the 20 hour battery life (edit on ultratrac mode) and GLONASS/GPS. Interesting perhaps is the inclusion of some of the group cycling functionality as released last year on the WAHOO ELEMNT. C’mon Garmin, keep up! But don’t expect to see the 820 wrestling with an ambulance as the translation suggests 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 820 – Here it is – Photos and some comments – Edge 530 esque?

  1. If you took a close look the the pictures there are some unwritten “specs”.
    First on the bottom of the 820 there is a strange like a lens looking object.
    This could be a flashlight, a digital camera or a small beamer.
    Don’t think it’s that best shot is it’s a optical sensor for auto backlight adjustment.
    (look at the video’s a few times frame for frame it’s at the location the serial of a 520 is)
    Then we got a antenna signal in the back of the housing (next to BTLE and ANT+) so this must mean it has a WiFi connection (no surprise)
    Last is the CIQ, Garmin will launch a new version of CIQ which is NOT (forward or backward) compatible with the old version.
    Meaning you can run old CIQ apps on the 820 but you cannot run NEW compiled apps on a lot of old devices.

    This means that starting this year we will also see new watches which support the new CIQ (Fenix/920XT)

    Good Times are comming, the best is yet to come.

  2. And here is the official Garmin info about Connect IQ 2.1:

    quote: Here’s the bad news: Aikido launched in January of 2015, meaning it is six months away from the end of support.
    Meaning all Garmin products EXCEPT: the 2 Edges, Vivoactive HR and 735XT have “old” hardware and will be replaced this or next year.
    Not because the customer wants this but because Garmin has decided that Quote “Each each major release gets two years of support”.
    And hardware doesn’t sell if you clearly stated that (a part) of the firmware has no support for new versions anymore.
    No support means OLD and new must be coming.
    (even the “new” Fenix HR will get no CIQ 2 support)

  3. Do you think it is not all photoshop?

    I’m doubting between buying a new 810 or 1000, but if trust your information, better to wait for 820.

    Do you think it will arrive before summer?

    Thanks for your work.

    1. images on garmin’s site for a month. that’s unusual. suggesting VERY imminent announcement eg next week. but then avaialbility in the shops is another matter…could be a week or could be 2 more months. i would expect that they hope to get summer sales. so that would suggest quickly. against that you have to understand that new Garmin products tend to be full of features..and full of bugs (look at the forums). Consider the WAHOO ELEMNT instead

      1. Ohm so it was a real leak from Garmin!! That’s great!

        Well, I understand the availability issue. Regarding the bugs, the 810 was surely plenty of them at the beginning.. to eventually become a popular trusty gps unit.

        I guess with permanent updates, the bugs will be fixed. But adding time: 1 week+2months+several months in bugs fixing = … an eternity!!!

        I had a look at Wahoo Elemnt, but seems to expensive for a new environment that I’m not sure if it will be compatible and same features than all my Garmin equipment.

        Thanks again!!

    1. the 520 started at about GBP240, the edge 810 started at 380 and the edge 1000 started at GBP440. Let’s say GBP400 but that seems steep comapred to the 520 and i would expect price to fall quickly.

      1. Wow, so too close to Edge 1000 current price…

        Don’t know if then the Edge 1000 will be a better option, now that bugs are fixed.
        You agree?


  4. News?!, what will be the name of the new product?
    It seems than Garmin has put the (internal) name “Edge 530” on this product.
    However in the video i still have (and most have seen) the name Edge 820 clearly is used. On the back of the unit it’s not very clear what marking the case has.
    But talking about naming, the stock photos of the Edge 520 clearly have Edge 505 on the back, production units have 520 on that place.
    If the name will be Edge 530, it suggest the 520 will have a price drop but will not be eol.
    The edge 810 has been EOL and has been removed from parts of the Garmin site already (explore.garmin)
    And good news the next generation of the Edge 1000 will has the development name of Edge 1010.

    Problems with accessing my mail but later tonight (when i have access) i will add all info about the new products (10+) in the newer “lots more garmins to come” post.

    1. yep the (poor quality) video did say 820. it will be impossible to rebrand a physical device or packaging at this stage – but easy to fake the title on a video! So it is either a fake or, as suggested by your developer research, there are LOTS of products to come

    2. edge 520 DID have a price drop last week on amazon to lowest ever in UK (except for a blip last black friday). i don’t beleive that garmin believe in EOL unless there is zero money there eg garmin swim…yet someone claims to have seen that.


      1. The video did show the 530/820. The size/spec/casing is exact the same as the pictures from Garmin themselves. The person/company who posted the video has many promotional video’s made for Garmin and Canon. I have a copy of the video (HQ) but i am not going to analyze frame for frame with special software (like the quys from photocamera rumours often do to examine a real leak or hoax) to retreive the type number.

        I may have been the same person who has seen a swim x, however as you then wrote “it could be another brand”.
        Now that you mention the swim, on the list of new products there is a diving watch!, i don’t exact know what it said but something about that line got my attention.

        Still waiting for access to mail data, as soon as i have access i will copy and past the list.

    1. the 820 is ready for market. Here is the proof: If you look at this information then you wonder if other Garmins will soon be discontinued as the new models arrive. Would you wnat to buy a discontinued product? Then again, if you want the 820 in July a) will you be able to actually find one b) will it be full of bugs. Or do you consider the WAHOO ELEMNT instead?

      1. I’ve already read all your posts, thanks for the references!!

        Well, I presume that will come late for european market, specially to south Europe. if at least in UK…

        I bought a forerunner 405 like 3 years after release, at really good price, and I have never had problems because of discotinuing the product… They have given me support, when once needed for a broken backlight.

        Regarding the WAHOO ELEMNT, does it have really good maps? Good GPS positioning? Is it really comprable to a incoming Edge 820?

        Those are the worries that stop me from buying a WAHOO. But i will follow your advice, and wait for Edge 820.

        Thank you!!

      1. I agree. But you’re right they are old. I also expect similar prices between Edge 820 and 1000, when launched.
        Also, the emergency alert, absent in 1000, is one important pro for the 820.

    1. I don’t KNOW for sure. But there is now lots of info from several kinds of different source (including Garmin!) and including some point-of-sale material. So I ‘m 99% sure we will hear soon.

      1. Ok, I didn’t know where your info comes from. Anyway, I don’t understand the point of breaking the 8XX shape and button displacement to make it similar to 5XX. If we wanted a 5XX, we will buy it.

        In the “Explore Garmin” webpage, they have deleted the 8XX series (, but in the “shopping” page, they still got it to be sold. I don’t know if you can explain it…

        Furthermore, they have announced by April this year, new software updates for the Edge 510, 520, 810 and 1000.

        Somehow they have continued to give support on these products at the same time that they “cover” or hide the 8XX series.

        If 810 has been so popular, why to change it??

      2. yes, well spotted. A few of us have noted the same info as you about the Garmin web page. It is possible that Garmin have put a LOT of effort into faking the 820 OR DOING THAT TO DISGUISE AN UPCOMING 530. the videos came from Garmin’s US videographer and the point of sale material was in a far eastern script. So it would have to have been a multinational effort of deception/tease…quite possible of course. A lot of current Garmin products cannot support the new range of IQ capabilities (see: aikido/biker monkey) so they will effectively go into a non-improvement mode. new models MUST be introduced with a higher hardware spec. new models MUST be introduced for garmin to make money even if the 810 is perfectly fine. My understanding is that there will be an 820 perhaps with a 1010 Explore large-screen variant. I would imagine that the successful 520 will be improved to a small-screen 530.

        to answer your question: “money talks”!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. I agree!! But if 810 works, it will bring them more money!!

        Anyway, if 520 by now is close to 810 (maps has evolved), perhaps they want to delete that segment (the 8XX). Does an upgrade of software will bring 520 maps to a state similar than Edge 1000 or 810?

        That will answer the question of deleting the 8XX segment, and bring 2 easy-to-buy segments: middle-user (5XX) and premium-user (10XX).
        All of them with great maps and routing.

      4. not so sure about that conclusion. you could well be right and it makes logical sense. Personally I think they will have devices more targeted to ‘people who want navigation’ and ‘people who don’t’. lusty had some thoughts on this as well

      1. Welcome!!
        Wonder if that differences are only the power metrics, or even the limitation of pages to show, number of fields to be shown in the same page, etc…

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