LOTS more Garmins to come by Xmas – sort-of evidence

This http://developer.garmin.com/index.php/blog/post/connect-iq-2-biker-monkey was brought to my attention by @appelmoessite.

Have a look here and tell me if I’m correct in thinking that in 6 months time we should get replacements for: Fenix 3 (with Fenix 4); Fenix 3 HR (with Fenix 4 HR); EPIX (EPIX 2?); Forerunner 230 (240); 235 (245); 630 (640); and 920XT (nothing or 930XT). Either replacements will come OR there will be gaps in the SUPPORTED products by Garmin. Can’t be right surely?



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4 thoughts on “LOTS more Garmins to come by Xmas – sort-of evidence

  1. A whole post!.

    After reading on the developers site i found some developers complaining about the EOL of the recent products.
    One comment was (quote): “Don’t forget about F3HR, I’ve just seen this device and it becomes obsolete.”
    After that the reaction of the moderator (quote): “The Fenix 3 HR is far from obsolete, though it has been one of the more challenging products for us because of its relatively limited resources (e.g. memory).”

    As a developer myself (hardware and embedded firmware) this reads as simple as: “can’t wait for the new hardware, because we are at the end of our possibilities with this device fast”.
    Keep in mind Fenix3 updates are being added very often with new features so for this device it goes real fast.
    You can’t spend thousands of hours (= costs) in firmware development but if the easy solution is an updated platform which will cost the same (next gen uC) or only a few dollars more per device (which gets paid by the customer).
    As soon as they are ready and can get away with it (marketing), goodby F3.

  2. I have the information about the next generation, however i have for the moment no access to this information because of a mail problem.
    From memory: Yes all have a new version, and yes you can verify the information.

  3. Ok, not exact everything came thru (but until monday i have no access to the product codes and links).
    The products (note: not all a i left out most vivo…, etc) just because i’m mostly interested in Tri sports.

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