Garmin Edge 8xx series to be discontinued? 810 820 530 1010 1030 505

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Garmin-Edge-820What a strange title. Surely the Edge 810 cannot be the end of the line for the Edge 8xx series.

That must be a ridiculous thing to argue after the recent appearance of the Edge 820 Video (image to the right)?

An alternate point of view is that Garmin are embracing a deliberate leak policy. Whilst the device in the ‘820’ video was a new-looking device it did look like what an Edge 530 might be. That observation was not lost on many people, including myself. Indeed the first thing I did was comapre the images on the video to a 520 to see if it was a non-Garmin hoax.

A valid strategy would be for Garmin to produce a super-navigational Edge 1030/1010 (they are working on a 1030 from what we have heard). They could then discontinue the 8xx line and focus on developing the popular 5xx series.

Apparently recent leaked images for the 820 (that I have not seen) show, on the reverse, the product labelling as EDGE 505 and the following FCC filing

Why would Garmin do this? I would imagine so that the SEO benefits from pages like this would be lost when the Edge 530 / 505 / 820 is released. Let’s see.

Personally I have always found it hard to distinguish the 5xx, from the 8xx from the 1000. Yes they are clearly different beasts but there are not 3 target customer demographics that I can see.

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The distinction is easy. 520 is cheap but functional, 810 is touchscreen and does full navigation, and 1000 has a large screen and appeals to those who like the “top of the range”. I definitely don’t want a large device but do want navigation and touchscreen. As long as the pricing structure remains sensible the distinction makes sense. That said some people see the physical buttons of the 520 as an advantage, so there is definitely 3 market segments.


To be clear:
The CURRENT product photos of the Edge 520 shows Edge 505 on the back.comment image
By saying this Garmin can change/changes their product names/numbers at a late moment (and doesn’t update the photo’s).
This could be the case for the new edge which could be named Edge820 (video) or Edge530 (internal name) (the specs are 8×0 but the case is 5×0)


And this is the back of the new Edge (From the 820 movie).
On the back it could read everything first digit could be a 5 or an 8 and the second a 2 or 3.
We will have to wait a short while until we will know it’s name and specs.

The least i hope it’s got a big memory as it looks like there isn’t any SD slot.
Which means no easy swapping of Garmins own Topo maps (like coming the Topo Frilutskartan Sweden v5) between this bike computer and other handheld navigation devices from Garmin. Downloaded maps are only active on one.
(The little “Lens” underneath the serialnr location could be a result of the plastic mold, not seen in the photo above but also seen in the 520 fcc document.

Erwann Biheux

Hello, 2 new videos :
Garmin edge 820 :
Garmin Edge Explore 820 :