Garmin Forerunner 635 635HR – soon….

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Garmin Forerunner 630 Review
Garmin Forerunner 630 not 635.

Not long to wait until Garmin release the optical HR version of the Forerunner 630…following the usual naming convention it will cleverly be called the Forerunner 635 or maybe Forerunner 635HR (unlikely).

Maybe October 2016?

Product: 543690, for those who wish to search (Source: appelmoessite).

Note this is a different code to the product code which is normally in the format like this 010-01626-00 (that’s the code for the Edge 820 leaked last week not the 635)

Not really much to write about the Garmin Forerunner 635 other than it will certainly have the ELEVATE optical sensor asn the exact same features as the Garmin Forerunner 630.

This will also be a very similar device to the recently announced forerunner 735XT triathlon watch – but without the triathlon functionality (although the 635 will have some multiple sports abilities). Indeed I kind-of recommended the 735XT for runners who wanted an optical version of the 630.

OPINION: A welcome addition to the range for those who prefer to avoid chest straps and who realise the limitations of optical HR technology.

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Having recently upgraded my 235 to the 735XT (after using a 620 for a couple of years), I’m not sure I see the advantage of a 635 over a 735XT, unless it’s just a pricing issue. That being said, they’d likely need to drop the price of the 630 to make room for the 635, otherwise the prices of the 635 and 735XT (assuming a $50 premium for the OHRM) would be too close as to not make the 735XT the better buy.

Alejandro Eusebio

Are there any functionality differences between the 630 and 735 in the running mode? Does the 630 (soon to be 635) have any additional running specific things. I’m looking to replace the 620 (which I love), mainly because I want the optical HR feature… and i notice the battery life shortening on the 620…so needless to say it’s time to move on. Do not have an issue on the pricing, so that rules out waiting for the 635 based on price. But, I will wait for a better running watch.

Alejandro Eusebio

735XT = GAME CHANGER!!! absolutely love it. I normally wear watches (only to run), I hate taking this one off.

Rob Montgomery

A 630HR/635 whatever you want to call it….seems kind of silly to me. That’s essentially what the 735xt is. Well, I suppose the main difference would be a touchscreen and nicer buttons, but that’s about. The touchscreen on the 630 is awful. Seems they’d be better suited focusing on the 920xt replacement with optical HR.


Well, I was at Fit2Run store today, and I was told by the employee there, saying that Garmin reps have told them FR630 is discontinues for the retailers such as Fit2Run. I suspect that we will see FR635 pretty soon. I would personally be interested in FR635 rather than 735XT simply because I only run and swim sometimes.