Garmin Edge 505 – Vague Possibility

Looking a little 520esque

Again another POSSIBLE leak from Garmin. Who seem to have a new product for every week this year from what I can gather. Nice R&D spend.

This time it is supposedly the Garmin Edge 505 from  the following FCC filing from last summer (?)

Note that this would be in addition to the new Edge 530/820 – we are not quite sure if we are going to get both of those or just one. IE there are maybe 2 and perhaps 3 new Edges in advanced states of readiness. Or none at all.  (likely just one – 820)


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5 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 505 – Vague Possibility

  1. feature-fill? curious what this other version would have or not have? It does look like it has more buttons than the 520. Maybe it doesnt have a touch screen?

  2. Please note the IPH-02564 (which you claim is the 505) is the Edge 520 number as printed on the back of the current Edge 520 units which are being sold.

    The only 505 reference (evidence) is Garmins own stock photo (about a year old) of the back of the Edge 520. So i think the 505 was the temporary name of the Edge520 and they never upgraded the picture. (like the internal 530 name is the same product as the 820 we saw in the movie)

    (It could also be the 520 will be EOL and replaced by a very cheap 505 and little higher priced 530/820.)

    I think the guys at Garmin have a great time in reading this.

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