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CherryActive Cherry Juice & Curranzdiscount curranz review new zealand blackcurrantsI’m getting desperate with titles. sorry about that.

I meant to post some updates on blackcurrant supplementation a few weeks ago but forgot. I’ve attached one of the press releases, below.

Essentially they appear to have the effect of both: skewing the energy source during endurance exercise to fat ie oxideses more fat; and increases bloodflow circulation and volumes.

It’s pretty obvious, IF TRUE, that those are properties that will make you faster.

I reviewed them <here> a while ago and there might still be a valid discount code there too if you want to get some.


To avoid doubt: I don’t get paid by CurraNz but I do get the occasional free pack, I use them every week but not every day, I use them in conjunction with Beetroot juice and caffeine as I believe that together they make me faster.


PRESS RELEASE: University of Chichester research reveals unique fat-burning properties of New Zealand blackcurrants

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Study showing ‘surprising’ fat-burning properties of NZ blackcurrant chosen for special session at world’s most prestigious sports conference

•Novel research chosen for special thematic presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference
•Short-term intake of varying doses of New Zealand blackcurrant extract demonstrates ‘surprisingly high’ fat burning effect in endurance cyclists
•New Zealand blackcurrant the first berry to demonstrate this effect

A STUDY showing that New Zealand blackcurrant extract offers ‘unprecedented’ fat burning properties during exercise was recently selected for a special presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine conference in Boston.

Academics at the world’s most influential sports and exercise medicine conference selected the University of Chichester study for its novel findings and potential impact it could have for endurance athletes.

The study showed:
•A significant decrease in the respiratory exchange ratio, which measures the way the body burns fat and carbohydrate for energy
•Fat burning increases of up to 24% during a two-hour cycling study at moderate cycling intensity using trained athletes

Enhanced fat burning, or ‘fat oxidation’, in athletes can potentially affect endurance performance.

No other berry has ever been found to demonstrate such remarkable fat-burning properties during exercise.

This study confirms previous research showing New Zealand blackcurrant extract improves fat burning during 30 minutes of cycling by a massive 15% and 27% at low and moderate intensity.

Mark Willems, Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Chichester (pictured left), says: “It’s speculative, but I think that blackcurrant may have a unique anthocyanin composition that provides these effects – it has never been demonstrated before in another berry.

“To get fat oxidation increases of 20% is quite something. These findings using New Zealand blackcurrant extract in trained athletes are surprisingly high.

“Enhanced fat oxidation can potentially affect endurance performance because you spare carbohydrate.

“Additionally, if athletes maintain energy intake and burn more fat when exercising, they may be able to maintain better their lean body mass.

“There is now a need for next-step studies to measure any potential performance effects and understand the mechanism behind its action. It’s speculative, but I’m betting the anthocyanins in New Zealand blackcurrant may improve the function of the mitochondria.

“This study highlights a highly novel development in sports nutrition and we’re very pleased to be able to present the findings at such an influential conference.”

Dr Derek Stewart (pictured, right) of the James Hutton Institute in Scotland who specializes in crop research, describes these findings as ‘impressive’.

“Prof Willems has presented some impressive results here. These studies with athletes highlight the benefits of consumption of blackcurrant and specifically the anthocyanins with a positive does response effect on the respiratory exchange ratio (RER), the ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in metabolism and oxygen (O2) used. More detailed analysis suggested this was due to enhanced mobilisation of fat reserves and their oxidation.

“In summary, these studies add further weight to the wealth of data supporting the positive health benefits associated with the intake of blackcurrant and its associated products.”

Anna Tier, Manager at the New Zealand Blackcurrant Association, confirms the importance of the findings: “These positive results continue to build on the top quality research being done on New Zealand Blackcurrants in the UK, New Zealand and Japan, and it is very encouraging to see that the broader benefits of our remarkable berries are being recognised and supported by science.”

To access the abstract, here.

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