Suunto Spartan Ultra Specs – *NEXT WEEK* for the more specifications

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Source: A D’alessandro

OK sports watch fans. The truth will out next week with the full specs for the Suunto Spartan Ultra.

Do I know what they are? Nope, no idea other than the information already posted

HERE and


With Garmin you can normally have a pretty good guess but not this time with Suunto.

I *THINK* there is more than one model. I *THINK* the Spartan Ultra is the top-of-the-range, so hopefully some of the comments about the cost will be justified by what is in the Spartan Ultra BUT also allayed with cheaper version perhaps, for example, a RACER/SPORT version more geared towards triathlon. As I say, I don’t KNOW.

I suspect that the Suunto hardware package will be extremely good. BUT I suspect that Suunto’s honesty will then let them down by not pre-loading it with lots of untested software features. a practice that some other watch suppliers are occasionally guilty of. We’ll see.

Actually I might even use this post as a placeholder and put them in here if I remember.

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